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Transform finance with digital technology
Build systems that are stable, scalable, and secure

Internet of Payments

With just a few lines of code, you're ready to set up infrastructure for custody of digital assets, real-time payments settlement, e-wallet management, and plug-in APIs for open banking.

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A must-have API for developing financial apps

Blockchain & DeFi
Almost any software development team can build smart contracts and dApps, but what happens when you begin to process thousands if not millions, or even billions of dollars?
Design and ship applications faster with our powerful API, allowing you to launch Web, iOS and Android apps compliant with the EU's second payment services directive (PSD2).
Security Audits
A professional analysis of your applications or smart contracts codebase in order to correct any potential errors in the code, issues, or security vulnerabilities.

Building Next-gen payment networks

With solid planning, and a team that has conquered the 11 most common roadblocks associated with SaaS, Mobile & FinTech development, there is not much else to stand in your way.

Let's Work Together
Your experiences have motivated us to specialise in a different direction - discovering solutions where other teams have stalled. Technologies we use: C++, Clojure, Rust, Java, JavaScript, Node, React, Smart Contracts for the Ethereum Virtual Machine and similar VMss.